Microsoft 365 Domestic Calling Plan

Microsoft 365 Domestic Calling Plan

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Microsoft 365 Domestic Calling Plan (formerly Microsoft Domestic Calling Plan) enables businesses to connect your employees wherever they are with all new calling capabilities in Office 365. Use one convenient tool to manage your business calls with flexible, comprehensive plans for local and long-distance calling. This service allows businesses to keep the phone numbers it already has, or they can easily request and assign new numbers in minutes for employees in multiple locations, with no newlines or equipment needed. Users can receive calls using IP phones, PCs, and mobile devices wherever you are. Easily manage calls with features like hold, forward, transfer, and voicemail. Domestic Calling Plan requires Skype for Business Plan 2, or equivalent Office 365 Enterprise package (E1, E3). To use Domestic Calling, you must also purchase Microsoft Phone System or Office 365 Enterprise E5 (which includes Microsoft Phone System functionality) as a prerequisite.


Microsoft Security Defaults

Microsoft began turning Security Defaults on for all net new customer tenants on Feb. 29, 2020, and as a result, multifactor authentication (MFA) is turned on for those customers. Generally, Security Defaults are only a hard requirement for Partner tenants and not customer tenants. To turn the Defaults off for your customer, go to Admin Centers>Azure Active Directory>Azure Active Directory (Again)>Properties>Manage Security Defaults>Toggle to No.

  • Number portability.
  • Easy automation.
  • Office 365 management.
Key Benefits
  • Fast, flexible provisioning.
  • Reliable inbound calling.
  • Requires no PBX hardware.