Acronis Cyber Cloud - Commitment Model

Acronis Cyber Cloud - Commitment Model

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Acronis Cyber Cloud is a platform that enables service providers to deliver cyber protection in an easy, efficient, and secure way. With one solution, you and your customers gain access to backup, disaster recovery, AI-based malware and ransomware protection, security and management tools, file sync and share, and blockchain-based file notarization and e-signature services, all managed from a single console.
Order this $0 SKU to gain access to Acronis Cyber Cloud services at reduced rates, which are available with an annual commitment and fixed monthly revenue commitments ranging from $250 to $4,000. Signing up for an annual commitment term saves 20% or more and provides access to an Acronis Account Manager.

The flexible Acronis Cyber Cloud enables you to store data locally, in Acronis Cloud Storage, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or in your data center. It instantly adds an effective layer of ransomware protection, while also providing rapid data restore tools to recover systems in seconds. Acronis Cyber Cloud provides MSPs and their customers access to services that include:

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud (beta), which includes integrated backup, malware protection, remote desktop, management, and security tools. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is a unique integration of backup with full-stack next-generation anti-malware protection and comprehensive endpoint management tools. This synergy eliminates complexity, so service providers can protect customers better while keeping costs down.

Backup and Recovery: Fast and reliable recovery of your apps, systems, and data on any device, from any incident
Anti-Malware: Next-generation, full-stack protection against malware, plus AI-based ransomware and crypto mining detection
Security and Management: Comprehensive, powerful endpoint management with an easy-to-use UI, saving IT resources
Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud protects any virtual, physical, and cloud environment, and lets you quickly realize incremental revenues with zero upfront costs and a pay-as-you-go business model. It supports the needs of service providers with an increasing number of use cases to retain customers and expand your total addressable market. Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud provides you with tools and options to protect any device in any location by backing up to any storage and recovering to any platform. Cyber Backup Cloud enables Service Providers to protect any workload and backup to any storage, whether it is cloud-based (Acronis Cloud Storage, Google Cloud, Azure, AWS, third-party, or MSP-owned data center) or on-premises (Acronis Cyber Infrastructure, local disks, NAS or SAN).

With Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud, you have control over all aspects of your data protection business that is not offered by other software providers.

  • Control Your Deployment: Choose from flexible deployment options: Acronis-hosted, hybrid, or service provider-hosted

  • Control Your Licensing: Choose pay-as-you-go or pre-paid models, hard and soft quotas, and per-GB or per-seat/per-device licenses

  • Control Your Packaging: Customize product branding, control the availability of specific features, and set quotas for specific accounts and groups
Control Your Technology Model: Connect Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud to your billing, management, and provisioning solutions via pre-built integrations or RESTful API
Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery Cloud is an easy to use, turn-key, self-service solution that is built on top of Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud. You can protect your customers’ workloads by instantly spinning up IT systems in the managed cloud recovery site and recover them to any similar or dissimilar hardware.

With Cyber Disaster Recovery Cloud you can perform failover using encrypted backups and allow the system to use securely stored passwords for automated DR operations. It supports more complex customer infrastructures and enables you to extend up to five local networks to the Acronis Cloud Recovery Site. Onboard customers and conduct proof of concept (POC) testing even more quickly and easily with the new “cloud-only” deployment option.

Add disaster recovery in minutes: Enable DR quickly with existing Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud deployment – there’s nothing else to install
Minimize complexity with SaaS: Enjoy a single line of support for all elements (including the recovery site) using a turnkey DRaaS solution
Profit with an SP-ready solution: Gain centralized customer/partner management, RMM/PSA integration, branding, and pay-as-you-go pricing
Acronis Cyber Files Cloud provides office and mobile users with safe file access, sync, and share in an easy-to-use, complete, and secure hosted cloud solution. Easy to sell and implement, Acronis Cyber Files Cloud expands your product portfolio and helps you quickly attract new customers, realize incremental revenues, and reduce customer churn.

Cyber Files Cloud provides the industry’s strongest security and controls with secure methods for users to share content across any device. It has In-transit and on-device encryption, including FIPS 140-2 certified encryption for iOS, and provides user controls for working with and sharing files/folders. Cyber Files Cloud offers an enterprise-class audit trail to manage users, applications, and data.

Cyber Files Cloud integrates with native Microsoft Office mobile apps for maximum editing power and file control and offers powerful PDF annotation and editing, turning the mobile device in a true business platform.

It is designed exclusively for MSPs and is easily integrated with their business automation systems. Ensure security isolation between tenants with a multi-tiered/multi-tenant solution. MSPs can white label and brand the service into their existing SaaS offerings, while churn with a “sticky” service that stores customer data in the preferred, trusted data center.

Acronis Cyber Notary Cloud is a blockchain-based service for file notarization, e-signing, and verification for businesses of any size. Designed exclusively for service providers, it allows your customers to ensure the integrity of their business-critical data, while achieving regulatory transparency and decreasing security risks.

Cyber Notary Cloud enables customers to ensure the authenticity of business-critical data and eliminates the need to have third parties to guarantee the immutability of data. It helps customers to achieve regulatory transparency and reduces the cost and time necessary to conduct an audit. With Notary Cloud, customers can mitigate security risks and it adds a layer of data security that’s powered by mathematical proof.

Notarization Service: Allows customers to notarize files of any type via a web console or API, generating a certificate that provides publicly verifiable proof of its timestamp, integrity, and authenticity
E-Signature Service: Enables customers and required parties to electronically sign documents (via a web console or API) while generating publicly verifiable proof of the timestamp and integrity of signatures
Verification Service: After the signed document or file is notarized, customers can verify it from any device at any time directly from the service’s user interface or manually through the blockchain ledger
Acronis Cyber Infrastructure is a brandable, scale-out, cost-efficient, and multi-purpose SDS solution for the edge. It is designed to fit any environment no matter the size, the latest release of Acronis Cyber Infrastructure is packed with new features that improve the performance, manageability, and availability of clusters storing and running cyber protection workloads.

Deployed at Acronis data centers worldwide, Acronis Cyber Infrastructure stores more than 200+ PB of data that’s been backed up from more than 125,000 servers, PCs, and mobile devices.

  • Cost-efficient: Leverage a solution that fits any business model. Acronis separates the software from the hardware and offers flexible licensing, including a pay-as-you-go model. Minimize the IT workload with an efficient, easy to manage and maintain solution

  • Easy-to-use: Ensure that systems are up and running smoothly and troubleshoot problems before they impact end-users or third-party systems. Built-in management and monitoring tools like pre-integrated Prometheus engine and pre-configured Grafana dashboards make it easy

  • Secure: Solve data integrity issues and be sure your data is secure with integrated Acronis CloudRAID. Acronis also encrypts data at rest using AES-256-bit encryption and incorporates Acronis Notary with blockchain technology to verify that data is authentic
Cyber Infrastructure provides a wide variety of usage scenarios, including software-defined infrastructure, archive storage, file storage, object storage, and high-performance storage. Keep Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud and Acronis Backup data secure anywhere – on-premises and in public clouds, like Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, or on Network Attached Storage (NAS). You can also replicate data to another data center.

  • Data backup
  • Disaster recovery
  • AI-based malware and ransomware protection
  • File sync and share
  • Blockchain-based file notarization and e-signature services
  • White-labeling option for all services
  • Stores data locally, in Acronis Cloud Storage, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or in your data center
Key Benefits
  • Adjusts to any pricing model
  • Service providers manage all services from a single console
  • Rapid deployment
  • Helps increase customer satisfaction and retention
  • Flexible storage options
  • Integrates with most leading PSA tools