Compliancy Group Partner Program.

Compliancy Group Partner Program.

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Compliancy Group Partner Program provides MSPs with access to sales and marketing materials and a free subscription to the company’s HIPAA Compliance Sentry package.

The Partner Program includes.

  • Seal of Compliance for MSP
  • Sales and marketing training
  • Access to the Compliancy Group Partner Portal
  • Listing in the Compliancy Group HIPAA Alliance Marketplace

After the first year, the annual Partner Program subscription fee is waived if a partner has five or more customers with active Compliance Group subscriptions, and discounted to $1700 for partners who do not yet have five or more active subscriptions.

  • Free HIPAA Compliance Sentry package.
  • Access to advanced sales and marketing materials.
  • Reduced or waived fees in year 2+.
Key Benefits
  • Helps partners to market and sell HIPAA compliance services.
  • Helps partners achieve HIPAA compliance to better serve more customers.